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Major Tom meets Elvis


When Baby Mojo was really young he reminded me of an astronaut. 

It was usually late at night or at a time when I was really sleepy.  I would pick him up and he’d look like I imagine a stereo typical astronaut looks.  Their legs would be straight and their arms are curved like he’s about to give me a bear hug.  One night I needed a mental pick me up and David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” popped into my head.  (ed. note.  I know Major Tom is technically a Peter Schilling song, but Space Oddity is so much better.)

From then on whenever I had to change Baby Mojo’s nappy at night, I always thought of Major Tom.  That was until one night his onesy didn’t fit anymore and that’s when Elvis entered the picture.

Baby Mojo’s onesy didn’t fit anymore.  The cute collar flayed out at an uncomfortable angle, the top button didn’t fasten anymore-which made his chest bow out a bit.  The bears on the onesy looked out of place, suddenly more like he was wearing a snuggie or a lounge suit.

It was the classic Elvis intro song, See See Rider that stuck in my head too.  Great song from his Elvis’ lounge days in Vegas.  Those horns and that energy from those recording really pumped me up at the chance to change a diaper at 4:00 in the morning.

After a couple  nights of denial we had to cull the wardrobe of all the the clothing that had gotten too tight.  The Vegas jump suit gave way to a snuggie that just looked disturbing.  Speaking of which, now that I’m a parent, I’m slapping myself for not thinking of the snuggie a couple years ago.  I bet you the inventor of the snuggie has children and wanted to bogart off the comfort that our kids have from wearing the onesy.

The lesson that Daddy Mojo learned from this:  take more photos of the baby in funny and potentially embarrassing clothing.

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