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But wait, there’s more call now


Years ago I made a vowed never to buy anything directly from an infomercial.  The only time I strayed is when I bought the Sham Wows and in that case I went to their website; also it was a gift for somebody, so technically that didn’t count.

I’m sure that some of the products advertised are well made and things that the family can genuinely use.  The untimely death of Billy Mays has certainly helped ease any temptation that I had to order directly from the television.  Say what you will about that particular advertising medium, but that man could pitch a product like nobody’s business.

My current favorite infomercial is the Booty Pop.  It’s so surreal that you have to look twice at the television to be certain you’re seeing what you think you are.

If I were being totally honest with myself (and isn’t that purpose of a blog?) then I’d also be on my keyboard right now ordering those teach your child to read DVD’s.

As a former teacher I want to teach my child to read at the earliest age possible, but there is just something about that product that makes me uneasy.  

The clips that I saw on television looked instantly dated.   I want Baby Mojo to know what a how much bread it takes for the far out box social.   The teaching principles they talked about seemed sound, but my infomercial ban and that uneasy feeling won out. 

I’m still teaching Baby Mojo to read, just a bit more traditionally, with basic Dr. Seuss books, some flash cards and the occasional tickle break. 

My brother-in-law did lean into me about the flash cards.  Granted, Baby Mojo is very young, he likes to hold them and that’s about it.  However, if this early immersion gives him a quick start so much the better.

If anybody has a positive child reading program story I’d love to hear it.  Not that it would definitely change my mind but it would certainly give us something to think on.

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