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The darkside of children’s music


The folks at Sesame Street have figured out how to auditize crack and they’re selling it on Sesame Street Platinum Too.  It’s a disc full of songs that you remember from Sesame Street, as well as, a couple newer ones that will age very nicely. 

Baby Mojo loves them-All of them.  The songs are different from The Wheels on the Bus or other standards we may sing, because they’re like little musical skits.   They tell stories, have characters that we remember or are just so darn catchy  that we as parents can’t ignore them.  

The darkside is that I find myself stuck on at least one of these songs every couple of days.  That particular song will remain in my head all day and into the night.  When I wake up to change Baby Mojo’s diaper at 3:00 AM, that song is still in my head like a sentinel waiting to wish me a good night. 

What’s the Name of That Song is the one that was stuck in my head until a couple of days ago.  It’s a great song.  Ignore the fact that it’s a children’s song and it is still very rhythmic, funny and easy to listen to.  That was the inadvertent soundtrack to my day for most of last week.  I take a walk with Baby Mojo, change the diaper, prepare a bottle and it’s there.   I suddenly find myself not thinking about the lyrics then the rhythm pops in my head!!

Until last Thursday.  I woke up with the intent to not think about that song at all.  I go into Baby Mojo’s room and put on the changing table and the first words out of my mouth were, “good morning starshine”. 

Oh great.  Now I’ve got this very catchy tune from Hair stuck in my head.  Good Morning Starshine is an awesome song, however, with it comes the hippie visuals.  The longhairs in the convertible going down the highway, traumatic hair shaving scene, clichéd war protests and a minuet of 60’s visions played during the bits that I could remember while singing to Baby Mojo.  It was Berkley without that hippie smell going on inside my head.

Mommy Mojo and I have had this problem with songs getting stuck in our heads since Christmas.  

It all started with Santa Baby, because I care for you all I posted the original instead of the one done by Madonna.  Everything we’d say regarding Baby Mojo was to the pace of Santa Baby.  “Jakey Baby, lets take a bathy before it gets too late”, etc, see, even one line of it is annoying. 

Now.  Imagine.  That.  Being.  Stuck.  For.  Four.  Months.

We still find ourselves saying things to Baby Mojo to the pacing of that song.  Sometimes we won’t do it for a couple of weeks, but then one of us will slip and bring that song front and center. 

On the upside, any Sesame Street song is better than that.  So what’s your worst song or longest case of something being stuck in your head?  A warning, if you get your bad song stuck in my head I’ll send you videos of Santa Baby.

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