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Living with David Banner


The hospital where Baby Mojo was born sends weekly emails telling us what they should be experiencing.  The one last week was spot on as it said something like “your baby may cry suddenly, with their face turning red”.  

Baby Mojo, with a shade of green

Sure enough, not long after receiving that email our happy little Mojo would go from zero to 60 at the drop of a hat.  He’d be happily playing with his favorite toy and then become a red-faced angry soul that can’t contain his rage.  This red-faced hulk in diapers can only be satisfied by a quick and ironic version of “If you’re happy and you know it”. 

After a day of watching Baby Hulk it appears that the culprit is the Vegetable Roast Beef & Dumplings.  Today we had to finish that jar, however knowing what was observed, it was immediately followed up with some Hawaiian Blend, his favorite.  

Crisis averted, it appeared that the gamma have been turned off. 

She Hulk. Hulkish, yet oddly attractive...

Feeding Baby Mojo and watch him change from normal to freak out, a la, David Banner, made me think of second tier super heros, i.e, She Hulk.    She’s like The Incredible Hulk, but svelte, ass kicking and has an oddly attractive aurora about her.  Granted, she was no Catwoman, but She Hulk served the Marvel Universe well. 

All of these thoughts brought about an odd dream.  I was on an alien planet fighting in this battle, I broke through this wall and rescued the Martian Manhunter.  Apparently he and I were friends as we continued fighting until I heard this beeping sound, turned to the rocks hit something then my alarm went off.  So somewhere in my dreams the Martian Manhunter is super pissed at me for leaving him to go change a diaper at 3:30.  I’m just glad that when I went to change the diaper some silly, yet very catchy song from Sesame Street was in my head.  

The rarely photographed, Red Baby Hulk, be careful if approaching.

I had another great dream this week.  I was drafted to play in the Costa Rican Football League.  All of our games were played on the beach and in addition to paying us a salary they served beer, pizza and ice cream during the games.  We were in the middle of a game and the ref blew the whistle to go to the sidelines to get pizza, beer and ice cream, but I went to Baby Mojo’s room to change a diaper instead.  

Somewhere in my dreams the Martian Manhunter is playing in the Costa Rican Football League, drinking my beer and dating She Hulk.

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