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I can’t weight


Ladies, there is no easy way for us guys to answer the following questions. 

“Is she more attractive than me?”  It’s a loaded question and hopefully your fella knows to proceed carefully by answering, “Of course not honey.  Oh and did you see that outfit? She’s gotta be over 30 and she’s wearing a news boy cap?”  

“Honey, am I getting fat?”  Tricky, tricky this question.  Women can tell if the number on the scale is getting larger.  They know the answer of the question when they ask it.  “No sweetie, you look great to me, is everything OK?”  This answer allows her to state whether her pants are feeling tight or if she just needs a hug from you.  Sure, that answer is a punt of sorts, but it helps keep the peace.  

Mommy Mojo officially lost all of her baby weight this week.  She celebrated by wearing some pants that I hadn’t seen in over a year and doing her version of the happy dance around the house.  I noticed that she was getting close, in addition to her frequent progress reports and in hindsight I should’ve said, “hey, you’re getting close to losing the baby weight I see’! 

A statement of fact like that is laced with potentially dire outcomes, be careful here.   We want to encourage her, but we also want to let them know that we love them regardless.  For the record:  we want to encourage them because, if they’re commenting on how much weight they’ve lost post pregnancy, then they want to lose the weight.  Again, ladies, the encouragement isn’t from a male vanity point of view, its general encouragement, c’est sa.    Sheshhh, even writing this I could feel the building wrath of moms giving me grief for encouraging them to lose weight. 

That bag of sugar is equal to one soda a day for one month.


So Mommy Mojo finally lost the weight by doing normal exercise and not drinking her daily sodas.  How much is one soda a day for a month?  This photo is a nice representation of what exactly that sugar looks like in bulk after 30 days.   A friend of mine, Jolene Park at Healthy Discoveries  has that image on her flickr stream.
In frustrating news, for my wife, I’ve actually lost weight since Baby Mojo came into the picture.  As a stay at home dad I pick up the car carrier, stroller and all of the other activities that necessitate keeping up the house and taking care of Mojo.  The other night mentioned to the light of my life that I was going to go for a bike ride this week.  She asked me if I’ve been losing weight and demanded that I go weigh myself.
She then uttered words that I could never say, “I liked how much you weighed when we got married, so if you exercise just be sure to eat more”, she said.

Star Wars AT-AT, made of bacon, hmmmm.

“Sure, I’ll have lots more bacon, red meat and beer”, I said.

“I don’t want you to clog your arteries, just gain a little weight”
Thanks sweetie, so I won’t be eating this delicious AT-AT….you can see loads more bacon and guy time wasters at
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  1. 04/17/2010 4:44 am

    That is some funny shit.. Congrats on having a wife who lost the baby weight, you chose well! I’m impressed you had the cast iron balls to write this.

    • 04/18/2010 1:27 am

      Big thanks SD,

      Yes, she struggled with it for a while, but losing that daily soda paid off quickly for her. Me, I love my caffeine and that would be supa tough for me.
      Happy Saturday and relax till work starts.



  2. 04/17/2010 3:58 pm

    Just removing sugary soda from the diet can make a HUGE difference in weight loss (post pregnancy or otherwise). Glad all the “MoJo’s” are faring well and staying healthy. Thanks for the shout out!

  3. 04/18/2010 1:29 am

    Aww, thanks Jo. We dig reading your blog about diet and the occassionall recipe. Yes, I’m not one for coffee, losing that soda would not be an option for me. All the Mojos are well and happy. Enjoy your time in Co., that is a very pretty area.

    Happy Disney Thoughts your way,


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