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Who is Daddy Mojo?

Sometimes the most experienced parent can use a little mojo.  If you’re a parenting novice then you can use mojo a bit more often.  

We here at Daddy Mojo are here to share stories, tips and humor about how to deal with those that call us Daddy or Mommy.  You’ve got Mommy Mojo?  That’s cool, we’d love to hear from you too!  


The Players 


Jake, AKA, Babby Mojo 

Most of what we write about in the first person context will be around this little guy.  Granted he won’t always be little, but watching them grown is half the fun. 

We also have a slew of nieces and I taught ESL for a couple years, so we’ll pull some stories from there too. 

Two Mojos at the playground

 Trey, AKA, Daddy Mojo 

I’m a Stay At Home Dad.  I feel like I belong in a support group that meets Wednesday nights in the basement of your local church when I say that. 

It rocks raising our son.  Having said that it’s a huge learning curve.  Each day that I spend with him during the week is so exhausting, but also so rewarding.  

Mom, you would tell me if I'm drooling, wouldn't you...?

Jenny, AKA, Mommy Mojo 

Jenny brings home the bacon.  

She’s our Peggy Lee and the wind beneath our wings.  Daddy Mojo has never seen Beaches, nor will he-ever.  He does have Peggy Lee’s Greatest Hits on the computer, only for torch song emergencies though.                                                                                            

                                                                                                                                                                                                  I’m a Stay At Home Dad, so some focus will be on that aspect, but when the rubber hits the road, it’s all about making parenting easier and more fun.  Thats a bit about us, please spread the mojo and share any tips or observations.

Our Friends

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    04/02/2010 12:10 am

    Been there!

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